Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Causes are not cures! If you are not a cure you are a cause.

I don't believe in religion. Period.

For logical, and sound reasons, of which people of a religious nature have not.(Faith doesn't count mother fucker!) My argument: Organizations are all corrupt on some level. True. A religion or gathering of individuals is an organization, therefore by definition it is corrupt. This must be so. The argument that no one is perfect is valid only on a personal level of self awareness because no one really 'knows' anyone else. So I will agree if you admit you are not perfect(neither am I) But for a religion/corporation to say they practice under Christ is an abomination. By definition! Christianity can only be practiced on a personal level. To bring it into such a cult setting is not CHRIST-LIKE! Christ did not practice Mormonism he practiced good will. That's it, kind acts.

With that basis I just want to say. I don't hate Mormons in general I just believe that the church they are practicing is too contravened, moronic, unethical, and made to view women in a chauvinist manor, I have personally experienced this and wish it not on my worse enemy.

I am angry and insulted. A grand reason for my discoveries(which I am grateful for in the fullest) is because of male pigs. An ex husband that found it appropriate to treat me like anything but human, and a predator who was "sealed" to his "eternal companion" not 3 months shy of doing unnameables with me. Of bishops who laughed in my tear stained face while I begged for help, for a way out!

For all these men have shaped me. I am what I am, but I stand before you more brilliant, confident in my love of who I am, who I will be, and what I can become. Because of these men I have set myself free. I thank them and applaud the actions it took to evoke such a fire in me. The regret? This happens on repeat. A sick draining song, the catechizing of women in the church. Not everyone is set free.... And I regret that many women are down trodden and pulled under the dull lull. I regret they can not truly be set free in Christ, for they are being held down by the iron rod.

All I ask, (Gentlemen are you listening?): Sit.

Stay. Lay down.

Roll over, and STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY Because I'm not finished with you yet.

(This post is not directed toward decent men) You know who you are.

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