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Friday, December 23, 2011


by Grace Schulman

Life's gains are losses: water leaches rock,
rivers erode and deltas restore the land;
the sun melts ice, turns rain to clouds of mist.
Wind that spins palms in circles like propellers
squanders its force; the fire that feeds destroys.

Each morning burns what night had bound together,
waking us, amazed, staring in wonder,
broken apart. So for all things refused,
I turn, as ships spill wind to change their course:
just as the sea recedes, I grow with loss.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free as a ....

Friday, December 16, 2011

Some may say they hate Christmas...

"There is a big relationship between this marvelous time of year and living in a one party state. Nothing makes me think more that this time of year of humanities oldest enemy the authoritarian dictatorship. Where you can't go anywhere without listening to the same music. Where you can't go anywhere without hearing the name of the great leader and his son the dear leader. Where all broadcasts, all songs, all jokes, all references are just for that magic few weeks, just exactly like living in fucking North Korea." Christopher Hitchens

Say 'Happy Holidays' unless you know someone's world view, 'Merry Christmas' is so Unchristian.

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Art.Films.Silent Movie Posters

Do you miss when art was imperfect, clever, and unique? When films themselves were an art form much more than the perfect gloss of a digitally animated whore's hair? I do, I miss things I only have digital copies of, and only a means of digitally sharing them. Some times technology takes the fun out of being human. Example: Back in the day holding up banks like Bonnie and Clyde for months and years if you were on your wit. Now you can't go moments without hearing about a bimbo mother losing her child in a domestic argument. Instant messages to your phone, displays over interstates. God pretty soon I'll have cell phone coverage in my beautiful desert. Oh wait, I already do. Fuck the world; enjoy the past, it's worth remembering! Hell, Maybe even return a part of the old classics to your life now. Remember when you remembered....