Friday, October 28, 2011

Art.Films.Silent Movie Posters

Do you miss when art was imperfect, clever, and unique? When films themselves were an art form much more than the perfect gloss of a digitally animated whore's hair? I do, I miss things I only have digital copies of, and only a means of digitally sharing them. Some times technology takes the fun out of being human. Example: Back in the day holding up banks like Bonnie and Clyde for months and years if you were on your wit. Now you can't go moments without hearing about a bimbo mother losing her child in a domestic argument. Instant messages to your phone, displays over interstates. God pretty soon I'll have cell phone coverage in my beautiful desert. Oh wait, I already do. Fuck the world; enjoy the past, it's worth remembering! Hell, Maybe even return a part of the old classics to your life now. Remember when you remembered....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


In Your Hands

I just discovered a new love, his name is Bill Hicks.
If you have not heard of him.
Search him out.

If I prescribed to a religion it would be off many of his principles.

If I may share with you some favorite highlights
Via: The Brilliant Mind of Bill Hicks

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's to be Alone

I have friends, a lover I love and live with, a family I see often, social dates, etc.

But I like to drive in the quiet of my mind. The bore of a radio, the sound of my truck. Thinking so hard, so quickly about so many things. Guilt is over powering me for things I cannot change. I can make small changes, but I can't starve to feed hungry children, be abused in place of a wee one during another domestic dispute. I cannot fix our economy. Or make someone care about our world's graces and what is not theirs or mine but borrowed, and now stolen.

This World is at war, we are always at war. With each other, Nations, cultures, families, why must we also be at war with ourselves?

I wish to stop the war in my mind. I just don't know how.

I Hate The City I Live In

I constantly feel the need to get out of here, this town is like a prison and restlessness is my life sentence. I don't know if the cage is too small or my wings too wide, but I know I've never been more afraid of anything than to be trapped here forever. Maybe it's true what they say, that you can never run away from yourself, but I imagine I'm running from something else and that everything will be fine if I'm just free to go wherever I want.


When in Doubt Watch Your Favorite Western.x.

Feels Familiar