Friday, October 28, 2011

Art.Films.Silent Movie Posters

Do you miss when art was imperfect, clever, and unique? When films themselves were an art form much more than the perfect gloss of a digitally animated whore's hair? I do, I miss things I only have digital copies of, and only a means of digitally sharing them. Some times technology takes the fun out of being human. Example: Back in the day holding up banks like Bonnie and Clyde for months and years if you were on your wit. Now you can't go moments without hearing about a bimbo mother losing her child in a domestic argument. Instant messages to your phone, displays over interstates. God pretty soon I'll have cell phone coverage in my beautiful desert. Oh wait, I already do. Fuck the world; enjoy the past, it's worth remembering! Hell, Maybe even return a part of the old classics to your life now. Remember when you remembered....

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