Thursday, August 5, 2010

. . . .

Should I be proud of that? Is this what you think life is? I wish sometimes people could see what I see, what I feel. I guess then things wouldn't be so right. I hate that everyone believes in other rights, and other wrongs. I guess it's good; healthy.

But... If God was a true, and just God, then wouldn't he appear to each culture, and people in the easiest way for them to take him into their hearts? He would. Culture is not a sin. It's a blessing. Pulling hair, to make someone "like you" doesn't make them 'right'. Conformity is not a religion(Or is it?). Religious rituals don't earn you a seat in the highest degree of heaven, no matter how many times you repeat them. Service, and kind acts might. Did you ever think maybe this life, this world, this earth, was our heaven; and we are trashing it?? Just a thought.

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