Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why is Outdoorsmen a word and not outdoorswoman?

Well I suppose it is a word however... It is always underlined in red... WTF?

Let's try not to be pigs? Mmmm K?

I am so sick of the judgments passed by men, by women, by LDS, by Agnostic naturalist, by whatever you are! By all of you! STOP IT, GOD DAMN IT! Can we not just try for once to be humble?

Or is to be humble to show weakness. If God is all knowing then he cannot show weakness(by logic) nor can he show humility. How then can we follow his example? Because if there was a God he would not want us to live by his example he would want us to live by his rule. What kind of leader does not share in the following of laws we are ourselves are bound by? That's the flaw(in my opinion) of the A-typical God. He is not better than us, just placed here before with more knowledge and wisdom. He is humble in my opinion, and he doesn't control our ultimate out come, we do. We have free choice. We can decide who we are! I am grateful to believe in a higher power that can be humble and can show guidance without the pressure of guilt. Thank God, I don't believe in the brain washings of a religion so focused on caging any free will of spirit you have left.

Take me to the humble desert and away from this computer filled library, where life is not in true existence. The real world is not jumping through hoops in a university, its becoming part of a gift made by a creator. I NEED DESERT! I want to build myself up with clarity. Being in nature and feeling real wind (not A/C or dusty inside air), but REAL air, and see REAL things that didn't just come from some warehouse. I don't want to be part of this warehouse life! I can't wait to finish my schooling and run away to the dessert to fix up an old home and to be part of my own real world. To experience life and death and to be more in touch with how the REAL world works. Because when worse comes to worse it won't matter how many hosannas you've praised or how many times you've whispered a secret name to a sinner on the other side of a white veil. What will matter is how close you are to God and his gifts(AKA. your body, and this world) that's how you'll survive, not by food storage alone but by knowing how things work outside of this computer operated world we all seem so caught up in. So maybe stop and think... Would I be able to survive? Good luck ya fucking zoobie ass, carpi wearing pricks I'll gun you down and don't think for 2 seconds you have more knowledge on the wilderness you don't know jack shit.

OK THAT was invigorating. Do you like how I said not to judge others and and just judged the hell outta Mormons(my sympathies to members). But your in the real world now.


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