Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do ya ever...

-have one of those 'Ahhh' moments?
-think about someone other than yourself?
-wonder have I always been a part of the matrix?
-sleep in without feeling guilty?

I had one of those days. I realized..... I'm not the only person with problems. I know that sounds retarded. I assure you it is. But as I drove away from my parents house and thought about all the things my poor mother is dealing with I took a sigh of relief not to be her, to be me. To be young and still have so many directions I can take. Her path is pretty well set out. Mine is just starting. She is having her woman guts tore out(Hysterectomy), dealing with my slut, jobless sister(who also happens to pawn her child off onto my mother routinely), my insane dad who is always dumping hundreds of dollars into pyramid schemes, she works manual labor full time, and boards her mentally ill brother(my uncle) who just happened to randomly show up at the house about 6 months ago. WOE!! So next time I feel bad because I look like an elephant in the mirror or a cow stuck in the frame work of a door I'm going to remember there are worse things(and not to reproduce).

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