Sunday, September 19, 2010

The hob-Goblin Gobbler

While gobbling my blueberries and yogurt I realized I wasn't
even tasting much of my berries. I then took smaller bits and
instead of chewing them on the side of my mouth I nibbled them
like a bunny. On the tip of my tongue. TART, SWEET, SOUR.... WOW!
Do I miss out on tastes like this all the time? I must.

It's amazing how much more satisfying food is when you chew....
suck, lick, roll around, and let your sense of taste.... TASTE!
For heavens sakes I'm always GULPING down food, almost in the
fashion of 'JUST GET ON WITH IT!' Food can be enjoyable,
slow down Betsy!

I wish I treated food this way all the time, but my habits are
sadly not as refined.. What's a girl to do? CHANGE!

My goal for eating habits this week is to suckle on small
bits, to chew it on all sides of my mouth, and to feel the food.
Not simply allow it to pass by without so much as a good chomp.
I will be taking tinsy, tiny bits. I know that whole cracker can fit
in your mouth cracker... But it's unnecessary to inhale food.
Despite our recent recession we are not in a dust bowl and we are not
starving(look at the people around you right now! Point proven?)

Small bits will have a goal or 20-30 chews before I swallow.
Quite frankly as many as possible. :) <3 LET'S GIVE IT A TRY!

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