Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Because sometimes we die young.
Chicks to chickens.
Rabbits or bunny which ever you'd rather.
Kitties, lots, and lots, of kitties.
turtles, fishes, frogs, crabs...
She loved them all.

She felt free on a horse back.
She liked to fly.
The country girl, cowgirl boots.

A Bunny with spoiled soft veggie diets.
I'll never forget, but she forgot :(

California sand and long drives.
Slapping sunburnt legs in the back seat.
Chasing goats in hopes they'd faint.
They just got pissed.. :)

To be shocked. Did it reset her?
Was her brain ok?
Did she hurt?

I love her, she taught me to laugh.
To give half a fuck about what others thought.
She never seemed to care for judgments.

She was shy, but didn't take shit.
"FA-BAM!" She head butted Kim.
No Megs didn't take no shit. ;)

I remember he strong tan legs.
She ran track, she loved the sun.
I admired her will power.

The sticky bug, that damn sky light.
at least 10 minutes before each lunch
We never thought we'd get it down.
Stacey May and hangers.
It was ours, the world was ours.

I think of you there with too much make up.
A music box on your chest.
I still can't believe how still you were.
It didn't look peaceful to me.
You looked dead, because you are.

Megs.x. I am sorry.

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