Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is There Room for Bison?

Watch Is There
YES OF COURSE! The real question should be is there enough room in America for idiots that ask such idiotic questions?! Is there so much greed in corporate America that we cannot make room for a native populous to return to where it rightfully belongs? Are we so worried about ourselves and our babies we cannot see that we are being maintained by natural process balanced in and of nature?
And once we totally fuck that up, we are fucked?
Do I sound like a radical? I sure hope not, one thing I hate about issues such as this is both sides are acting out
of sheer retarded motives. One side is willing to be shot at to save buffalo because hunting is bad... And the other
a bunch of money hungry republicans that think the world can be owned. Neither are right. It's not evil to hunt buffalo, it's only wrong if we don't have enough, and some areas have too many, to control populations a limited hunt would be the only way to safely control healthy populations of native bison. We have to work together, and being a complete twit won't help anyone or anything... Is no one in the middle? Do I have to be a raw vegan that thinks posting pictures of babies cuddling with tigers is how the world should be, or a pig headed right wing woman hater that thinks women in the work place causes unnecessary contention. Why do I have to choice between two extremes? Can no one be level headed about anything!?

PLEASE use your brain, and when you read a book, hear a news story, or watch a film consider all possibles don't believe just anyone, or everyone. Think, research, think again, and maybe you can come up with a conclusion that will help benefit us all. Don't take my word for it, please don't, go and find material read both sides then decide for yourself. Think God Damn it, THINK!

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