Tuesday, February 14, 2012


'Oh-k' I say to the stripes, and the blacks of the whites, and the whites in the black of an eye, two eyes.
Peace she screams! Surrender, 'I SURRENDER!'
Then odes of this and that sprinkle the air around my ear and whisper good nights, long nights be warned.
Is this the way you show your love?
On a day named after Catholicism, a Saint?
Vagina day to you too.
Devalued with giant hearts filled with coco + sugar.
Flowers too.
Did you spend the predicted averages of $116 on this day to 'show' your love, or just to get a suck and a fuck?
The tricky part of Holidays is the cultural intolerance to any other way of life.
Whitney Houston died?
Fuck didn't she die like 7, 16, 22 years ago when she fried her brain on crack cocaine?
The living dead have arrived.... The Zombie Apocalypse's is here!
If you don't understand the statement above, look in the mirror.
Please, please hop aboard where the day you walk into a class morbidly obese you only get looks of disgust.
But the day you walk in with a smile and gym shoes possible a 'normal' weight, you are confronted.
Please tell me your kidding, please fuck me sideways.
This life is a circus and we are all freaks.
Caring is sharing, and I was never there for her.
I hate that today is the day one year ago I refused/avoided attending a dinner, knowingly; to avoid food.
The Last Super.
My last chance to see you alive.
Regret is a Bitch.
Call me a Bitch!
'you bitch.'

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