Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Fucked Up. OK?

As often as times are hard, time continues. Fall on your face it's winter. Skip spring to summer, and start over. I need the burn something and start fresh. Cleansing myself through fire. Isn't it romantic? I want to be chard. Burn this body, and take in what's left. I'd like to give something back to the earth, not to society. Society doesn't deserve to study this body. They only use it for greed, for the use of making more men. More Monsters.

If I could show the world my hate I would. I am disgusted with them. Dotting hill sides with homes and more babies. Plastered in fake things, like big tits and bigger Escalades. See Jane? Jane is small and blond. Jane has sex, and makes more babies. 'Better' babies than Sally.

House after house. Jane says "We've have a deer problem!" as she swerves to miss distort deer wondering where their wintering grounds have gone. It's obvious to the deer we have a HOUSE PROBLEM. A dumb bimb bot situation in the very least.

As the deer discuss the problem they are hit by Sally, who is on the phone with John because she wants to go to Dillard's for the Sale of the century, and must get an unneeded approval to spend more plastic. Money isn't even real, can you expect people to be?

The only way someone can understand why you would pick up a deer shed is if it was on the shelve at Wally World. If it isn't plastered on a billboard, it isn't 'hardcore' and if you aren't zooming past gorgeous scenery at mach 5 it isn't fun. Because blue people are cool. Movies are as easy to sale to heaps of trash, as straw feeding your 90 year old mother boost for 3 squares.

Who do these Mormons really think they are? Do they really think we should use and abuse this world to the point of no return? After all we can't all be owners of worlds and a universe in the next life.

Like fucking in the street. Everyone can see you and hear you but no one cares to look, because we all do it. Making a family is only a privilege and an abused one at that. I don't believe in genocide, I believe in educated decisions however I don't think that applies to thoughts in any form to more than half of sexually active anyones. Sigh*

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