Sunday, January 2, 2011

America's Intense need to couple

Coupling is not a new concept. It was necessary for survival all through time. Until now, it's a choice perhaps a life style. Although still not viewed that way in our society. If you are single, something must simply be wrong with you. You're gay, smelly, fat, boring, slutty etc. It can't possibly be that you may be choosing to live that way or that you are waiting for someone worth while. I feel in UT the intense desire to couple is far more intense due to religious notions and/or beliefs. I find this not only crippling, but pathetic for both men, women, homosexual, straight, LDS, agnostic, etc. Can we get a grip.
A great example of coupling is in almost every advertisement we view today, in film, and television, even conversation. Marriage, and children are always a key focus. Personal experience shows extreme gossip can be pulled from relationship... Scandals, drama, etc. If it's not there most people create it, fact of fiction. Here is a perfect example. A special thanks to Nodstroms.

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