Thursday, November 11, 2010

Megs is so beautiful .x.

Her new husband had better treat her good, or I'll fuck him up. :D

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  1. Megan died in her sleep on March 5, 2011. She was born on Valentine's Day in 87' We shared many beloved sunny afternoons, late movie nights, gas station candy runs, and California's ocean. I love her.

    As promised in my post above I plan to fuck with her Widower's mind at the funeral this Saturday. I don't know if he anything to do with her death(all I have is circumstantial evidence)I do know that he should have been taking far more heed to his dear wife's health. I know if should of fucking did 20 chest compressions when the dispatcher told him to. I know he hasn't really cried. He is laughing and cracking jokes as her family plans her funeral services.

    Seth? Do you hear me? You Sick Mother Fucker, I'm going to make you cry, the way you should cry after losing your new bride. I'll do it with a look, because looks can kill, and mine burn your soul. You should of took better care of her Seth. You Fucker.