Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's like the way your teeth feel after you eat spinach.
I'm often angry with myself.
Yes I avoid really dissecting my thoughts on this.
It's not that I'm scared, rather weak.
My brother is "in a relationship" he didn't tell me...
I'm working, not stomping through the marsh.
These things upset me, but this,
makes me pulse with numbness.
Who was he?
Did he know me?
I can't stand seeing him, I become emotionally atrophied.
It will be a week tomorrow?
Yes, you sulking fat girl, and you didn't even have to make eye contact.
I'm terrified of him.
There was no white jeep, what if he has been following me?
Don't be so vain.
Go eat a thin bagel and see if I care?!
Because I do and I don't and have and I won't.
An ex-crack whore/hick from hell is buzzing in everyone's ears, I can't,
It's an unfair judgment passed by no ownership.
It's flawed, our system is flawed!
The environment is fucked, and I keep getting fatter, and weighing less.

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