Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A bargaining chip, never to be one. Mother nature is dawned as the beauty of all we know... Yet all we have left are artistic models of what heretofore was so common in places of tall buildings and never ending blacktop highways. A not so absent future holds art as being vital to tell young ones of what once was and is now no more, and to remember ourselves, hopefully with a broken heart of the burden we carry for the diminishing sphere.

With that off my chest, it's fall, my newly decided favorite season. Pumpkin butter is a BIG reason for that ;) (
Let us not forget the crispness on your lungs, the colors of a a dying damsel, and so many unlistable sensations! I'm going to try to take some deep breaths today and just remember how grateful I am to have a chance at life.


Ah and without further ado, I've wrote my letter(as well as Cody's) and will me mailing them priority with delivery confirmation. Things are level, I can handle that.

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