Friday, July 9, 2010

Heaven, HELL, and sister's with broken hands!

As I keep my lips from uttering this not so funny(actually it's hilarious) account of a day gone wrong. My phone rings, and I've been trying to wake up now for 2 hours, the motivations is not there today, and it's my sister. I don't answer. Then my dad. I still don't answer. AGAIN my sister, so I answer..... -Hello?
"TRACY! (crying sister) I broke my hand!!!!"
-Oh my Gosh are you ok? What happened?
"Teagan and I were in a car accident(still crying hysterically)"
-Call the cops! Did you call the cops?
"Ya. We're at home."(She stops crying)
-Oh, well, ok, are you ok?
"NO! Mom has diarrhea, and I can't feed Teagan and Mom has to sit on the toliet, and I can't pick him up." (Mean while I can hear my nephew screaming in the back ground)
-Ok I'll be over in a minute.

If I sounded annoyed, it's because I was. I helped feed the kid, gave him a bath, put him to bed, yada yada. Mean while Teresa's hand is swelling up like a balloon and my mom is sick with the flu and upset with the fact that her car is totaled now. Sheesh! I drive mi hermana to the ER and we get her all taken care of. I suppose I am annoyed that the whole time we are there she is talking about some guy, and texting him. He's taking me to dinner tonight. GOD she's not even divorced or separated! She leaves my sick devastated mother at home with my no so comforting dad at home and takes off with some guy. I am only upset about this because it's not as if this is a one time thing. This is, has, and always will be my sister. I have to laugh. How can I be related to such a person. I was annoyed today with my sister and not so nice to my mom. I need to be nicer to my mommy. I love her. I love my sister, but I refuse to like her.
Chauncy called me today he is pretty mad about my mom's car. He said something I that re acknowledged why I love him so much. "If anybody doesn't deserve this it's mom. She works so hard! It isn't fair." I love my family, but heavenly Betsy they are nuts!

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