Saturday, September 24, 2011

Indifferently Guilty

How can people eat so much, lay around so much, lend time to nothingness? My indifference for people is so strong. I feel my opinions are large and over bearing. After my classes I feel so much guilt. I feel greedy with my well stocked cabinets, special "milks" almond, rice, soy, flavored to my preferences.

I take so much from this world. I still feel there is a sacrifice in the quality of human life because there is too much quantity of human life. But there is enough food for everyone, the balance is just thrown into a whirlwind of greed.

I wish all my substance was pinenuts and fish, like the food foragers of Lake Bonneville. I ate like a queen today, and I cried after my anthropology class. I feel criminal living in this country of over fed puritans.

I am NOT Anti-America, anti-war. I am PRO INFORMED! I just feel as the rise of a new generation we need to be less apathetic, we need to be driven. Whatever it is you believe. Research it, know it, make your self aware. Then to the most daring thing. Apply yourself and treat your chance at life as if it were the only existence. Your only chance. I'm not telling your to be an atheist. Believe in heaven if you want, just don't make it a cop out for now. Don't punish this earth because you are going to a 'better' place when you die. Cultivate your mind.


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