Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shovel this mind.

Walk the sidewalk,
through the parking lot.
I feel my toes in my socks, in my boots.
I feel cold.
I'm not an imposter
I am lucent.
People everywhere are living fake. Living mock lives of what they want to be, what someone else told them to be. I realize now I am one of them. My life isn't real. I'm not real, and nothing is really happening. The world is a cruel place where injured souls walk among each other pretending to be like everyone else, but everyone else is just like them. Even the most sheltered and 'God fearing' people have had a tragedy. Shaken by the moments I've been untrue. I don't want to live fake, but I have to because I have to find a way back to who I was, and am, and going to be. I never realized.

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