Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Domain of Fools

I've up set the Apple cart (about so much).
or HEED.
no no.

Gossip by definition is casual talk about someone else's affairs or behaviors. All too often I become sucked into a this vortex, all too willingly. The ease of judging another with a sick pleasure angers me. WHY? What's the point? Do I really have that low of self esteem. Who gives a fuck what anyone else does? I'm no Saint. I'm certainly no square.
But I am angry at myself after reading a friend's blog, she talks about a close friend that has spread a terrible rumor about her. It makes me mad. I stand by at work all the time and listen to 'hush-hush' antics. GOD PEOPLE! GOD myself! I pass some of this shit on sometimes without even knowing the scoop from the score. I'm done! I WILL NOT TALK ABOUT OTHERS AFFAIRS OR ACTIONS! I WILL NOT!

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