Friday, February 12, 2010

Clop clop.... CHOP!

Been thinkin' clop, clop. A heavenly being, a father, my God? I question these religious rituals. Obsessively completed. Clop clop.

We have a beginning, was it before we were born? Browsing on the ole' my-face and I come across a picture album title: The Day my Life Began. No this album did not have baby pictures, but a bride.... A wedding... Wow. Welcome to Utah County I guess. High aspirations here. Sigh*

"Vision" Alphonse Osbert(1892)

I smile like I'm happy, and I am, but something dark is inside my mind. A constant taunt. I wish to express my love, and hate. Fears, and passions here. First post, first blog, here I am.

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